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Rucker Run has Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in Florida
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The "boys" are all AKC registered and are our sires and our companions. We do walks off leash and have play time. A description is included with each to help you see them as we see them, unique and wonderful " the boston terrier "


Boston Terrier Sires bred in Florida

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Buster, a red and white AKC Boston Terrier
Buster - red and white AKC registered 20lbs of solid muscle and jumping ability. Buster is very agile and is quite the loyal family protector. He loves his people and is a pure-d lap dog. He stays home and is a gentleman on walks on and off leash. He is very intelligent and throws his brains to his puppies. He is currently 5 years old. He is good with "his people" but can be cautious toward strangers and is not good with small children as he has gotten a bit grumpier with age. I would love to put him with a truck driver or single person or retirees, he is housebroke and loves to ride in the car and trips. He can be considered a lapdog and lives to set at my feet while doing dishes and couch time.Buster is not a barker or hyperactive but rather a very calm, stately kind of fella.  He has always lived in the country.
Toby-( now retired) champagne and white AKC registered 22lbs of solid, buff and all boy. Toby is very active and loves to run and play. He is a moderate barker and barks when excited or happy and makes a growly sound in his throat when excited. He does medium well with other dogs and his pups seem to be highly intelligent and agreeable. His parents are Dillon ( no longer here) and Lacy and he throws blue, champagne, chocolate, black & primarily all solids. Toby has a stunning head and cobby overall body type and his muzzle is nice and wide with strong upright ears. I have kept several of his pups in 2013 and they will be shown on the up and coming page shortly. Toby is 3 yrs old 
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Buster has been adopted by Diana in Florida , thanks for giving our boy such a good home.
click picture to enlarge Toby has been adopted thanks so much for giving my guy a good home Ellen in Luraville...

Austin Austin has been adopted by " the Kirkland family" in Florida - thank you! Black Brindle and white AKC registered 23lbs with multiple AKC champions in his background on his father's side who is Rocky and is Champion sired. Austin's mom is Maitland a blue female. Austin is playful, a non barker except when super excited and a real gentleman to be around. He likes all people and most dogs and is just a very agreeable all around dog. He can be a bit timid in new surroundings and takes a few minutes to adjust and then seems fine. He has a very nice head shape and wide muzzle. His pups seems to be very agreeable and intelligent but can be shy at first. They travel well and like to go.​ He has thrown blue, black, brindle puppies.
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none of these dogs are for sale or adoption unless otherwise noted on their individual bio.

Retired and no longer at our home: gone but still missed.. These males have had an influence on our breeding program.

Redman- (Redman has been adopted by Allison in North Florida... Thank you for taking care of our best friend and playmate. We miss him so much..already.)chocolate and white AKC registered 18lbs of solid muscle and fetching fun. Redman loves to play fetch and to swim. He loves to jump in the kiddie pools we keep in the summer. He is a toy-a-holic and loves all people. He gets along well with other dogs and loves to be petted but then it is back to his toys. He is compact, sturdy and athletic and in excellent health.
Redman has been adopted

ReedReed has been adopted by the "Shutts family" in Florida - thank you! Black and white AKC registered 18lbs of active and fun loving young male! He loves his toys and is on the smaller build side and can be sometimes pushy. He is very affectionate and a gentleman on leash and never pulls.  His first litter of pups people have been raving about how intelligent they are and easy to train.  
Reed has been adopted

Champster - A stunning tiger stripe brindle and white Champ is the most wonderful dog! He is AKC registered with champion backgrounds on both sides of his pedigree. He has the most amazing love everyone personality. We are excited to see his first puppies in 2014. ​ Champ is a 2013 model...Champ has been neutered due to infertility issues and so is ready for his new forever home with games and travel and hiking and friendship...
click picture to enlarge Champ has been adopted! Thx Katie!

Blake - A beautiful honey red with lighter brindle and that much sought after cobby body type, Blake is a a real hunk in the making! He has a nice bully head and has a natural screw tail. Blake is small at 14lbs at 10 months old. His personality is sweet with people and moderate with other dogs.  We look fwd to seeing his first puppies in 2014. His sire is Redman and mom is Zoe pictured here with him in the head shot. He is a 2013 model...
Blake with mom Zoe

Lobo - A stunning light blue boston terrier AKC registered and just the most amazing fella you could ever want. He is on the larger side at 28 lbs but his dad is Redman who is only 17lbs and his grandmother is Lacey and she is smaller as well. Lobo's mom is Spring. Lobo is smart and willing to please and throws this intelligence and ability to think to his puppies. He can be active but knows how to relax when needed. He loves people and will sit for hours to be petted.  He is a 2012 model... see his Son Laredo below in retired section...
JHC Clear

JHC means juvenile hereditary cateracts. JHC DNA testing is required to be clear. A carrier means they possess one copy of the gene but can never have juvenile cateracts. They can pass this on to a percentage of their offspring.  For a dog to have juvenile cateracts they must possess two copies of the gene.  A carrier can safely be bred to a non carrier for  all puppies to never get JHC  but some could be carriers. FYI

JHC Carrier He will never have juvenile cataracts

JHC Clear

JHC Clear

JHC Clear

Laredo - a stunning blue boston terrier with brindle, AKC registered and a wonderful smaller compact body and that one of a kind Cupid is my name head type! He is cute and he knows it. Laredo is smart like his dad Lobo and his mother Lizzy. He is active and loaded with personality and mischief. He weighs only 14lbs at a year old. Raydo is what we call him for short and when time to get in his pen he backs in so he doesn't miss anything. He is a 2013 model and we are hoping for some spring puppies.
son of Lobo and adopted in Canada 

JHC Clear

JHC Clear

Rambo​-His dad is Rocky need I say more ! AKC registered and JET Black. He has a bit more energy than dad but loves people and gets along well with others. He is short bodied and stocky. His ears are quite tall but we just never taped them. Rambo is smart and willing to please and has thrown this to the few puppies we have has so far. He has champion bloodlines and a blue mommy... Lacey is his mom and she is a compact 18lb bundle of energy and busy body. Rambo is a 2012 model...
 Rocky has been adopted.

Rocky​-( has been adopted)  if there ever was a Mr Charisma than this dog is it ! He is a rare mixture of fun and lapdog. He loves to play fetch and to ride in the car and sit on your lap while working on computer. He is AKC  Champion sired. His great grandsire is Westminster Champion Flashpoints Cosmic Ray and considered the boston terrier sire of the century ! Rocky is small and cobby and weighs 14 to 15lbs depending on how he is eating. He is a 2007 model. Rocky is one of our foundation sires.

JHC clear


JHC Clear