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Rucker Run has Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale in Florida
Looking for Boston Terrier Breeers in Florida? Call RuckerRun Dog Co
​For those who are searching for some of the absolute best Boston Terrier breeders Florida has to offer, we provide owners with some of the most adorable puppies in the industry. You can rest assured that the money you are spending is well worth the investment. Regardless of whether you are searching for blue, champagne, red, chocolate, black, brindle or other rare colors in your new puppy, you can remain confident that we will be able to provide you with the puppy that you seek. Instead of struggling to find what it is that you desire, let us be the ones to help you find everything you need in a new puppy.

When it comes to Boston Terrier puppies for sale in Florida, we work hard to deliver a breed of puppies that is the absolute best in the area. We take pride in breeding our dogs and caring for the puppies until they find a new home. Adding one of these amazing puppies into your home is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Get your Boston Terrier puppies for sale right here. 

Puppies on this page are available for sale and if sold or on hold have been marked as so. ON occasion we have litters which have been born but not yet made it to this page or are expecting litters to be born shortly and if so they will be added to the page once pregnancy is confirmed. If you are looking for something in particular please feel free to call or shoot me an email.

Linda Rucker: (386)344-3074 eastern standard time. We are located 25 minutes North of Gainesville FL.                                       Our address is 21058 CR 137, Lake City FL 32024. Visit by appt. only

Please Read
Puppies come with AKC registration application papers unless noted otherwise. 
Blue, champagne/lilac or carriers will come with limited registration(no breeding rights) unless other arrangements are made. Generally the additional cost is $150.00  to $300 depending on color and sex with approval and come with no guarantees as to the breeding ability of the puppy at any future date ( this risk is 100% yours)! Our pups are sold as a companion and lifelong pet.

Included is shot and worming record, pedigree if available and requested, written one year health guarantee against hereditary life threatening defects, what puppy food they are on and milestone pictures emailed to you if purchased at a young age (baby pictures, at 3 weeks, at 6 to 7 weeks) along with year around breeder support.

When staring into the eyes of a tiny puppy it brings out the need to protect...but when they lick you ... the deal is sealed and they are yours forever... they travel with us in our hearts long after they leave this earth...


Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale in Florida

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Sold means I have taken a deposit (300.00 required deposit -balance due at pick up) and pup is off the market. 
Hold means I am waiting on a deposit but have not received it.

This spring 2019 will be our last season in business for breeding boston terrier puppies. We will still be a referral  source for people who personally know who are breeding bostons. WE will be adopting all of our current breeding dogs to approved homes. If you are interested in an adult please email or text me directly 386-344-3074  thx  
Linda Rucker

​***We are closed on Sundays at it is our only time with our family.

Puppies at bottom of page.
Site last updated 1/22/2019

Scroll down for puppies - expected litters at bottom of this page. 
Site last updated 1/22/2019
Pricing: Traditional males & females $1100- 1300 average expected to be small or Champion bloodlined $ 1300 Many of small bostons - 
higher risk (c-section cost) 
              Reds/browns: same as traditional
              Blue, Champagne, Fawn 
Males $1200 to $1300 and females $1400 to $1500
(this breeding stock is more difficult to acquire unrelated full AKC registered). All puppies are priced as a companion with limited AKC registration (not for breeding). At the end of every tax year I adjust my prices. Beginning May 1, 2017 I will be collecting the state of Florida sales Tax at 7%.
Super small or petite pups will have a higher increase in price due to the double to triple cost of c -sections I am now being charged compared to previous years. After hours are being referred to UF or Emergency vet hospital. avg cost is 2200 with no gurantee of live puppies just an FYI 
I, Linda Rucker, am a full time breeder of Boston terriers. This is my actual job. My dad works here on the place with us and we also have another full time employee and several part time who help with yards, clean up and grass mowing. I am very proud of this and thankful. I enjoy what I do and love animals and meeting new people. We work as a team and breed year round. My husband has a regular job away from home but helps out when he can.
Our puppies are raised indoors (currently in our home & nearby apartment) in a whelping box with mom until 4 to 5 weeks of age depending on size of litter. They are then weaned over a weeks time until eating kibbles on their own. We start with a toy breed sm kibbles, esibilac if needed  and finally regular puppy kibbles.
Our pups are then moved to our puppy/nursery building which is climate controlled and a few feet from our home and someone is in there every few minutes feeding, watering, worming and handling as well as adding clean kiln dried shavings to their low sided galvanized  tanks that can be disinfected.
We begin taking pups outdoors in exercise yards(concrete floor with kiln dried shavings) around 5 to 6 weeks of age. We put obstacles in the yards for them to learn to navigate and think, climb on and investigate. This develops brain function and confidence and starts them on what to do outdoors for potty... they are not on the grass/ground however at this point but on concrete floors. This is not crate training or housebreaking the pups are just still too young at this point.

​Linda's email  and cell ph 386-344-3074.
Please note we are closed Sundays and that includes Texting
AKC limited registration - means you are buying a puppy with AKC registration and papers but they are restricted to showing, training etc and cannot register a litter of puppies with AKC. Basically No Breeding Rights.
​Early Feb or late January - Expected parents pictures will be posting in the format of the litters shown at the top of this page.

Puff x Mozart expecting traditional , maybe red smaller to average size can have both in this litter. expecting the last week of Jan. 2019

Summer x Gentry expecting blue/grey smaller size expecting the 2 week of Feb 2019

 we have done 3 recent breedings during January for litters expected in March. We will post these once pregnancy is confirmed. Thx for checking us out ( smile)

​"Buster" our retired foundation sire who is was adopted and started Rally training last year at 9 and now this year has made it to Intermediate level and has been invited to the Purina Championship. Thank you to Diana Clement for showing what an old dog can do!!! with no previous training but with patience and alot of heart.
Scroll down for puppies - currently most are sold so look at expected litters at bottom of this page 
 First Pick : These people have paid 100.00 to be on first pick list and are given priority when pups are born.

Barbara S-  FM  small traditional 

Cory B - FM traditional 

Kay Z- FM blue or traditional 

Rose R blue male

Aime- Red/brown pup M or Fm 

Kelsey H fm/ temp wait
Debby C M/ red/temp wait

Ginger x Gentry AKC  registered parents. Ginger is a larger bodied female with a super friendly easy going  disposition. Her mother is retired  Aza ( 21lbs) and her father is our larger retired Fawn male named TEX (25lbs). Ginger is a very loving dog who gets along well with others and is willing to please. She weighs 23lbs in good weight.  Gentry is quite the character. He is fun active but not hyperactive and a smaller built all around size. He can spring into the air strait up pretty high for a small fella. His dad is Finn a rare splash and his mother is our now retired Pickles whom her mother is my constant shadow here in the house named Panda Bear who has Champion bloodlines, so many generations here onsite on his moms side. Gentry is 17lbs. 

Parents pictures Gentry x Gentry
       (parents or grandparents are Juvenile cataracts tested). 
Puppy born on Thanksgiving day 11/22/2018 Pup will be ready to go home around January 16th after. Pup goes to the vets for health check up and first shots and  health certificate on Jan 11th.  
 we will be collecting the state of Florida sales tax at 7% rate

Current Health guarantee is: 
6 months against life threatening hereditary defects such as heart failure, spinal disorder, liver failure etc.
Replaced as follows: Until March 2019 puppy replacement, after March 50% of purchase price.

Although we hope to not have to use this we have been breeding dogs long enough to know that it sometimes does happen and not all things can be detected by veterinarian on a 8 week old puppy.
Puppies born on Oct 24, 2018. These pups will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age around December 19th, 2018 . Please make arrangements ahead of time to pick your pup up by appointment. I will not hold any of these pups until Christmas they must be picked up by  DEC 22.  These pups should be good all around dogs in the average 18 to 24lb range some slightly smaller but most seem to be average for this very large litter of pups. unless noted otherwise.  I expect these pups should be smart and intelligent. They will come with AKC limited registration(not for breeding no exceptions on this litter).  Pups will have first puppy shots started, veterinarian physical exam and health certificate, started on Advantage Multi flea/heartworm preventive, a health record, a year conditional health guarantee in writing( see at top of page)  against life threatening hereditary defects and pre-spoiled to want to be picked up and loved on.  

Rusty  is sold to Fabrice and family- adorable red/brown male  - This pup will mature in the 17 to 21lb size and should be a friendly all around pup and dog one day. He is friendly already. Sale price is 1300.00 most recent picture on 1/3/19
 Sold to Fabrice
Nabisco x Duke AKC  registered parents. Nabisco is a pretty black fun loving happy dog with an all around personality who loves everyone and good with other dogs. Her mom was our retired Maitland and her dad our retired Chipper. We paired her with Duke our Champion blood- lined male with a happy go lucky attitude and a pretty looks to go with it. He has a very nice typey head and strong ears to improve Nabisco's kinda hap hazard but cute ones. Duke's mom is our personal lap dog Elsa who doesn't know a stranger. Nabisco is 22lbs and Duke is about the same 22lbs. 
Parents pictures Nabisco x Duke
       (parents or grandparents are Juvenile cataracts tested). 
Puppies born on 12/28/2018  and will be 8 weeks and will be ready to go home around Feb 22nd after. ( please make arrangements to pick up your pup close to this time as we keep no holdovers without prior arrangements.) These pups will come with a health certificate and first shots and health record of wormings and started on heart worm prevention Advantage Multi prior to leaving. Health guarantee is 6 months due to our retiring from breeding this year.
 we will be collecting the state of Florida sales tax at 7% rate

Ray -male -  sold to Dawn- her third from us- thank you! A rare white and black splash pattern - yes he is AKC registered- This pup will mature in the 18 to 23lb size and should be a friendly all around pup and dog one day.  Sale price is 1300.00 most recent picture on 1/2/19
Sold to Dawn please text for quickest response 386-344-3074 thx  Linda